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Friday, May 25, 2018
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The Pick 3 Coaching Program

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Welcome to Pick 3 programs! On this page I will introduce you to my three level Pick 3 coaching program that will reveal to you the secrets of the Pick 3 game. This coaching program will teach you very sophisticated strategies that you will not find anywhere else (I can guarantee you that). These advanced Pick 3 strategies will explain (in detail) how to THINK strategically about the game. They will teach you how to approach the game from a completely new perspective; one that will most likely be completely new to you. Now before I go any further, let me be very clear on something: Pick 3 is a game of chance and neither I or anybody else can give you a formula or system to win every time; such a system does NOT exist. However, what I CAN do is (1) Teach you some extremely creative “outside the box” methods of looking for the winning number and (2) Give you access to programs that make the job of finding that winning number easier. Below I will introduce you to the coaching program that teaches you this creative approach to the game and gives you access to those programs. But before I describe my coaching program in detail, let me first give you some background information.

I have been studying Pick 3 for 20 years. In the beginning I saw Pick 3 as a fascinating riddle. It was an interesting problem to solve. Trying to find a way to predict the next winning number was an exciting intellectual challenge. I would write down the recent Pick 3 numbers that hit and look for patterns. This was back in my 20s (I am in my 40s now). Eventually, trying to crack the Pick 3 code became my hobby. Slowly over time, however, this hobby became much more than just a passing interest and soon I found myself spending a substantial amount of time trying to solve the Pick 3 riddle.

This pursuit resulted in me creating many strategies, systems and programs over the course of several years. I taught several of these systems on lotterypost.com a few years back (my screen name was aanewyork) and on my other sites (pick3mastery.com, pick3coach.com and aanewyork.com). Some of those strategies and programs include the Reference Box, the Key Digit system, 55 Pair System, the Grid, List 40, List 80, ABC System, ABC Pairs Chain, Due Pairs, the Rundown list, Game Index, Positional Dominance, Visual Digit Distribution, Group Matching System, the Matrix, DTD, DTD 33, Anchor Digits, Code-3, 4-Way Report, 10-Way Report, Power 10, Master 20, Box Positional Control, the 64 number Control List, Revelation 4, and many others.

The motivation for creating all these strategies and programs has been two things: (1) my strong interest (obsession?) with the Pick 3 game and (2) a simple philosophy. That simple philosophy is to make progress every day. To always keep learning and always keep improving my systems. And that is exactly what I have been doing for 20 years: I have been improving my systems every day.

This relentless drive to constantly improve my systems finally paid off in 2015. At this time I finally started to create systems that REALLY worked. I reveal these strategies on my Kindle books. You can see some of them below. Click on the page links to go to the corresponding Amazon page for that book.

Volume 1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X7OWHXE

Volume 2: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0100RSBN0

Followers-1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011R50QH8

Followers-2: http://pick3master333.com/the-list-000-999/

Followers-3: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0134NQ6CK

Secrets-1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015OQN8IA

7 DAY NUMBERS-1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015WPXU18

7 DAY NUMBERS-2: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015WPXUFE

One thing you should keep in mind is that I am always coming up with NEW and BETTER systems. So the question is: how can you stay up to date on my latest Pick 3 discoveries? What is the best way for you to learn about my latest Pick 3 breakthrough as soon as it happens? The answer is to join my Pick 3 coaching program. This coaching program has 3 levels. I describe all 3 levels below.

Level 1 - FREE Reports/Strategies/Updates
If you are a low budget player or even a NO-Money Player (“I am broke”), you can still benefit from the first level of my coaching program because its 100% FREE. (Imagine that: someone teaching you the secrets of Pick 3 for FREE! Yea, I can be a nice guy sometimes.). This free coaching program has three parts: 1A, 1B, and 1C.

1A: Join My Email List for FREE
You can join my email list right now and start getting regular emails from me explaining my latest Pick 3 strategies and breakthroughs. From time to time I will email you a PDF report explaining a specific Pick 3 strategy. Sometimes I will send you a prediction, and when it comes true, I will send you a follow up email explaining the specific strategy I used to make that prediction. To join my email list simply email me at aa2newyork@aol.com and I will add you. Make sure to write “ADD Me to Pick 3 List” on the subject line when you email me.

1B: Read My Blog Posts for FREE Strategies
I post many of my Pick 3 strategies on my blog.
My blog is here: http://pick3master333.com

1C: Read My Latest Updates for FREE
My Updates are PDF reports that explain a specific Pick 3 strategy. You will find them on this page: http://pick3master333.com/reports/. Simply click on any of the links to open up that PDF report. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything you read on my emails, blog or reports.

Level 2 - One Month Access for $20
After reading several of my free reports and posts and learning some of my techniques, you may want to go on to the next level and actually join my paid coaching program for just one month. This is the second level of my coaching program. Here you can access all my programs for one month. This is a great way to test out all my programs to see how well they perform in your state.

All my programs are based on my Pick 3 systems and workouts. And what do my programs do? They automate the workout process. Instead of you sitting down with pen and paper trying to carry out a long set of calculations by hand in order to arrive at a specific set of numbers, the programs do all the work for you instantly…and without error. In other words, they make your life easier. For most programs, all you have to do is enter the last 10 numbers that hit and the program will do the rest.

The price for this level is $20. This is a ONE time payment; you will NOT be billed again. Whenever you are ready to join at this level, email me with "$20 - 7 Day Club" on the subject line and I will email you a PayPal invoice for $20. You can email at aanewyork4000@gmail.com or at aa2newyork@aol.com. After I get your payment, I will email you a username and password to log into the site. You will then have access to all my Pick 3 programs and Members-Only reports for a full month. (If you want to mail in payment, email me and ask for my mailing address.)

Level 3 - Ongoing Access for $60/Month (GOLD)
After 30 days of using the programs and reading my Members-Only reports, you may want to consider moving onto the next level of coaching which gives you ongoing access to all my programs 24/7. This will make it possible for you to log into this site anytime, anywhere, and get the numbers you need to WIN the Pick 3 game. The cost of this coaching level is $60 a month. You can cancel at any time.

There are several excellent programs on this site including Group Matching System, Visual Digit Distribution, Code-3, DTD, 120-Singles-Only, 210-Singles/Doubles, Digit Playlist 64, Box-to-Straight, Box Positional Control, Straight Positional Control, Due Pairs Play List, Revelation 4, Revelation 4-10 and others. You will find a general description of the program right under the name of the program. Below I go into much more detail describing some of my favorite programs.

Detailed Descriptions of My Favorite Programs

> REFERENCE BOX 7: From time to time I post or email out a list of straight numbers for New York. I use this program to create these lists of straight numbers. Actually, I can come up with a list of straight numbers for any state using this program. This program is a Reference Box program. The Reference Box is one of the original systems I created early on when I first started out on my Pick 3 journey. A Reference Box gives you the hottest digits for the first, second and third positions. This particular Reference Box program goes 7 levels deep; that is why it is called “Reference Box 7.” One way of creating a good solid list of straight numbers (good for at least a month) is to enter the numbers that hit your state in the last 6 months. After you enter these numbers into the program (or copy them from a Word document), press “Run System.” The output the program gives you will look like this (the exact digits on each position will always depend on the numbers entered):

5 9 6
9 5 9
8 6 7
1 8 2
7 0 8
3 4 5
6 3 1

Look at the first position with 5, then 9 underneath, then 8, and 1; this means that the digit 5 is the hottest digit on the first position on the numbers entered, digit 9 is the second hottest digit, 8 the third hottest digit, and 1 the fourth, and so forth. Same thing for the second and third positions. Digit 9 is the hottest digit on the second position for the numbers entered and digit 6 was the hottest digit on the third position for the numbers entered. You read the numbers from left to right. This means that possible straight numbers here are 596, 599, 557, 996, 859, and so forth. This Reference Box is also good to refer to when you want to know how to organize your numbers. For example, if you like the number 012, I would play it as 102 straight and 012 box (to cover all variations). The reason being that 1-0-2 is clearly shown on this Reference Box above. You can take this further and come up with an actual playlist using the next program.

> STRAIGHT POSITIONAL CONTROL: If you are looking for STRAIGHT hits, this is the program for you. This is an excellent program to use if you have a good idea of what digits will hit in the first, second and third positions. Simply enter those digits for each position in the corresponding boxes. This program will give you the straight playlist for those digits. This program will give you both singles and doubles. It will not give you triples since triples rarely hit. Let me give you an example of how this program works. If you like digits 3 and 8 for the first position, digits 4 and 5 for the second and digits 0 and 1 for the third, this program will give you these eight straight numbers: 340, 341, 350, 351, 840, 841, 850, 851. These eight numbers cover all the numbers with the two digits entered for each of the three positions. You can use the Reference Box 7 program I just described to get ideas for which digits to use in each of the three positions. This is an excellent program!

> PAIR FREQUENCY FINDER: There are 55 pairs in the Pick 3 game. Imagine you have a list of 200 numbers. Let me ask you a question: what pair shows up the most times in that list? Trying to find the answer by counting every pair in every number will be a very long and tedious process. This program, however, will give you the answer instantly. Simply enter 10 or more numbers and this program will instantly give you a list of all the pairs on that list arranged by frequency with the hottest pair on top and the coldest pair on the bottom. This program is a great time saver. This program will be very useful if you use any system that is based on pairs or if you want to know what pair or pairs are the hottest in your state right now.

> STRAIGHT GROUP MATCHING: What straight numbers hit the most in your state last month? Or in the last two months? Or the last six months? This program will give you the answer instantly. Simply copy and paste numbers into the top box and press “Run System” on the lower right hand corner and the program will instantly give you a list of the most frequent straight numbers on the list entered. This program is similar to the regular Group Matching System program (described below) except that the numbers maintain their straight format on this program. (The regular Group Matching System program automatically converts all numbers to their box format.) A possible strategy you can use with this program is to periodically enter the results of the last 30 to 90 days to see what straight numbers have repeated because sometimes they will hit again in the next 30 days. With this strategy you will normally be playing only ONE straight number.

> VISUAL DIGIT DISTRIBUTION: This is one of my favorite programs. Imagine you have a group of 10, 20, 30 or more numbers and you quickly want to know which digit hit the most or which is the coldest. You can count by hand (and hope you don't make a mistake somewhere) or you can find the answer instantly using this program. Simply enter the numbers into the top input box (or copy and paste them from your Word document), then press "Run System" and this program will instantly give you a list of all 10 digits arranged from hottest to coldest. Actually, you will be able to SEE the actual distribution of the ALL the digits on the output of this program. It’s quite revealing. This information, by the way, is VERY useful for the experienced Pick 3 player. For example; hot digits tend to hit together with cold digits. Also, hot digits sometimes hit as doubles in the upcoming drawings.

> GROUP MATCHING SYSTEM: This is my absolute favorite program. I use this program several times each week. This program tells you what numbers repeat on your list. One great thing this program does is consolidate all Pick 3 numbers by converting all numbers to box form so 729 is converted to 279 and 431 is converted to 134. This consolidation makes it possible to see patterns that would be hard to see otherwise. Now, imagine you have a group of 200 numbers and you want to know which numbers hit the most on that list. Counting by hand is not the way to go here (good chance you will make a mistake somewhere and it’s too time consuming). Instead, I suggest you use this amazing program. This program will quickly give you a list of matching numbers. For example, the program can give you 024 as a 5-way matching number on the output for the 200 numbers. This means that the number 024 hit five times on the 200 numbers entered as either 024, 042, 204, 240, 402, or 420. This is very useful to know. If 024 is the hottest, the number or numbers underneath would be 4-way matching numbers, then 3-way matching numbers, then 2-way matching numbers (numbers that hit twice on the list) and finally, 1-way matching numbers (numbers that only hit one time on the list). So the hottest numbers are always on top and the coldest are always on the bottom. SECRET: This is the program I use to create the ABC list: I simply enter the last 1000 numbers for any state to create a sequence of numbers for that state from hottest (the number that hit the most in the last 1000 drawings) to the coldest (the one that hit the least). The first 75 hottest numbers are the A numbers, the next 75 are the B numbers and the last set of numbers are the C numbers. STRATEGY: You can use this program to find out what are the hottest 50, 40, or 30 numbers in your state RIGHT NOW. Simply enter all the numbers that hit your state in the last 6 months onto this program and you will quickly get a list of matching numbers. If you want the top 40 numbers, start counting from the top and work your way down until you have 40 super-hot numbers! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about anything you read here at aa2newyork@aol.com.

There are other benefits to this 3rd level of coaching.

One of the main benefits is receiving regular Members-Only emails with my most up to date breakthroughs and discoveries! You will start getting these Members-Only emails soon after you join.

If you are still not sure if you should join this program (level 2 or 3 of my coaching program) below are the descriptions of a few MORE programs you will have access to after you join.

Additional Programs You Will Have Access To

> 120-SINGLES-ONLY: There are 120 singles in the Pick 3 game. What if you are interested in all the numbers that have a 3 and 8 in them? Simply enter these two digits on the top input box and the program will instantly give you the 64 numbers that have a 3 or 8. This is a great program to have when you want to quickly get all the numbers with any digit or digits you want.

> 210-SINGLES/DOUBLES: If you want to include all the doubles as well for the digits 3 and 8 (using the example above), you would use this program. This program will give you all the singles and doubles for any digit or digits entered. So if you enter a 5, it will give you the 54 numbers (both singles and doubles, not the triple) for the digit 5. If you enter a 5 and a 7, it will give you 98 numbers. If you enter 1, 3 and 9 (or any set of three different digits) it will give you 133 numbers.

> BOX POSITIONAL CONTROL: This is the box version of the previous positional control program I described. This program compresses the numbers by only giving you the box version of each number. The best way to understand the differences is to give an example. Let’s assume that we like the digits 3 and 6 for the first position, 3 and 4 for the second position, and digits 4 and 8 for the third. As you can see, some digits repeat. This program will give you this playlist for these digits: 346, 348, 368, 468 (this program only gives you singles since they hit 72% of the time.). That’s a pretty short list of only four numbers. The program only used each digit once in each number and removed repeated digits. So this program is very economical; it uses each digit only once when creating the playlist. The Straight Positional Control program, however, would give you this playlist of eight numbers for the same digits: 334, 338, 344, 348, 634, 638, 644, 648 (notice that this list includes doubles). As you can see, the Straight Positional Control program is not concerned with compressing your playlist. It will give you the straight playlist for any set of digits entered (but not triples). However, this program WILL compress your list. Use this Box Positional Control program whenever: (1) you are confident that certain digits will hit and (2) you are looking to play them in box form and (3) you only want singles. If you want doubles, you can use the Straight Positional Control program; in the previous list of eight numbers there were four doubles given: 334, 338, 344, 644. However, to be on the safe side, play them box; not straight. But you may be asking right now; “How do I get the digits to enter in each position?” The next program will answer that question.

> REVELATION 4: This is a variation of my Reference Box program. This program converts all numbers to their box format and then gives the corresponding Reference Box for them. For example, if these 10 numbers are entered, 945, 493, 074, 379,757, 983, 703, 472, 256, 869, it will convert them to this (all the digits are arranged from lowest to highest): 459, 349, 047, 379, 577, 389, 037, 247, 256, 689. The output of the program for these 10 numbers is this:

3 4 9
0 5 7
2 7 6
4 8 0

By utilizing the box format of every number entered, this program “compresses” the numbers and gives a very accurate Reference Box; one that many times is more accurate than the regular Reference Box. Many times numbers from the top two levels will hit in the next one to four drawings. Using the example above, this would mean that possible numbers for the next four drawings are 349, 347, 359, 357, 049, 047, 059, 057.

> ABC LISTS: The brand new ABC System is state specific. The list for every state is different. These reports have three sets of numbers, A (the hottest), B (next hottest set of numbers) and C numbers (coldest numbers). Each of these groups is made up of 5 lines of 15 numbers each. There are a total of 15 lines (the 15th line is made up of the 10 triples).This provides the Pick 3 player with an excellent grid or map of the entire game. This map allows you to track all 220 numbers in the Pick 3 game because every number has a specific location on this 15-line map. This list is an excellent resource for the serious Pick 3 player. Once you join, you will have instant access to all the ABC lists for the states listed.

> LIST PROGRAMS: I have several programs that give lists. Some of these programs include all the DTD programs (there a few versions), the Basic Box, Basic-52, and Code 3. There are also some fixed lists like the 64 Control Numbers and List 80. The best way to use these lists is to find matching numbers on the Group Matching System among these lists. But that’s only one strategy. I will discuss a few creative strategies on the next section.

> SUPER 55 LIST: These are the 55 hottest numbers in any state. Back testing these numbers will actually prove that is the case; these numbers hit over and over again. How did I get these numbers? By inputting the last 1000 numbers that hit into the Group Matching System program and then identifying the top 55 numbers. This is a great list to use as a control list: match them up with other lists on the Group Matching System program and only play matching numbers. (See strategies 5 and 6 on the next section to learn two more strategies based on this list.)

> THE 36 DOUBLES (FIXED LIST): What if I told you that I have identified the top 36 doubles in the Pick 3 game? I have done just that and best of all, this is a fixed list (it’s always the same). This list is good for ALL states. If you like playing doubles, you will want to know what these 36 doubles are! These doubles hit over and over again in every state.

> KEY DIGIT PROGRAMS: This is another one of my original systems. These key digit programs will give you TWO digits with a very good chance of hitting in the next one to four drawing. You can use these two digits to filter any list of numbers (very useful strategy to reduce any list!).

> BOX-TO-STRAIGHT: This program is very straight forward: it will turn box numbers into straight numbers. Sometimes you are very confident that one of the numbers you have will hit and you want to maximize your winnings by playing then straight. In that case, use this program. For example, if you enter 238 and 589, this program will give you these 12 straight numbers: 238, 283, 328, 382, 589, 598 823, 832, 859, 895, 958, 985.

Become a Pick 3 Scientist

One Final Message: What I provide are the programs and systems for you to test out different Pick 3 strategies. Hopefully, what you just read gave you some ideas on possible “experiments” you can carry out. For example,

(1) You can take the digits you get from the Reference Box programs and enter them onto the Box Positional Control program to come up with a corresponding playlist of numbers.

(2) You can use the digits from the top two or three levels of the Revelation 4 program and use these on the Box Positional Control program to get a playlist of numbers.

(3) Enter the last 40 numbers that hit your state into the Visual Digit Distribution program to get the hottest and coldest digits. Take the five hottest digits and enter them on the Box Positional Control program (the same five digits for the three positions) to get a playlist of just 10 numbers. For example, if you enter the digits 12345 for each position (first, second, third), it will give you this playlist: 123, 124, 125, 134, 135, 145, 234, 235, 245, 345. Do the same for the coldest five digits to get a list of 10 cold numbers. Now you have a list of 20 numbers covering BOTH sides of the field: hot and cold numbers. This group of 20 numbers tends to hit quite frequently in the next one to four drawings! An entire Pick 3 system can be created based on this simple strategy.

(4) Take several lists with a track record of hitting and copy them onto the Group Matching System program to find matching numbers. If you have been playing Pick 3 for a while, you are probably familiar with workouts or systems that do in fact give you winning numbers. But the problem is that usually the list of numbers given by these workouts is pretty long. What you can do is find two or more of these lists with a track record of hitting and enter them into the Group Matching System program to find matching numbers; numbers that show up more than once on the lists. (In other words, you are looking for numbers that show up on more than one list.) Sometimes it’s possible to reduce a list of 80, 100 or more numbers to a fairly short list of 5 or 10 numbers matching numbers with this simple strategy.

(5) Use the 55 numbers of the Super List as your control list. Match them with any of the other lists (DTD, Basic Box, or Code-3) to get matching numbers. Only play the matching numbers (super numbers that also show up on the other lists).

Divide the 55 Super Numbers into 5 lines of 11 numbers, like this:

1--012 013 015 016 017 018 024 025 026 028 034
2--035 037 038 046 048 057 058 059 067 068 078
3--124 126 128 134 135 136 139 145 146 147 148
4--149 169 235 239 245 248 249 256 259 268 346
5--347 348 369 379 389 456 457 458 589 678 689

Now take out a calendar and write down the number of the line that hit. For example, if 249 (line 4) hit on the 1st of the month, write 4 on the 1st of the month. If 059 (line 2) hit two days later, write 2 for the 3rd of the month. If 136 (line 3) hit the next day, write 3, and so forth. After you have done this for at least 30 days, LOOK carefully at your calendar and look for patterns. I am sure you will find some. For example, a very common pattern in New York is for line 1 to follow line 5 and line 5 to follow 1. This means that if 389 (line 5) hits today, there is a good chance that a number from line 1 will hit next or soon after. And if 015 (line 1) hits, a number from line 5 will hit soon after. Maybe this pattern plays out in your state too. The only way to know is to track (or label) the numbers that hit the last 30 days with this 5 line system.

(7) Use any of the Key Digit programs to get the two digits with a good chance of hitting soon after. Enter these on the 120-Singles-Only program. Now you have 64 numbers with a good chance of hitting. One way you can reduce this list is by matching it with the 52 numbers from the Basic-52 program on the Group Matching System program. You will end up with 25 to 30 2-way matching numbers when you do this.

(8) On strategy 3 above I explained a system that gives you 20 numbers. How can you reduce that list down to a shorter list? Here is one way; use the two key digits that you get from any of my Key Digit programs (they all give you the same two digits) and use it as a filter: only keep those numbers that have one or two of the key digits and eliminate the others.

The Pick 3 experiments and ideas listed above is fairly short but I think you get the idea:
with a little creativity and the right programs you can come up with some brilliant winning strategies!

I think the decision is clear: You HAVE to join this program!

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